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For your discrete wishes we always have an open ear. But our private Escort Ladies to sleep again. Except in a few public holidays, please contact us daily.

Calls “without a phone number ID” we don’t accept. Our private ladies start getting out of their home base and therefore require a lead time of at least one hour. Reservations are preferred.

In addition, you have of course also the possibility of your very own dream woman at any time to book through our form. Please note that your escort date should lie with a book online, at least 24 hours in the future.

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Our loyal and satisfied customers are demanding gentlemen of the upper class from the domestic and foreign, who appreciate our discreet Escort Germany Service ever since.

Often copied but never equaled, for our upmarket clientele familiar to the original. We teach exclusively attractive and classy Escort Germany Models, which are very much looking forward to pamper discreetly and your every wish will be read from the eyes.

About our Manager and Event Monitoring Service, you get stylish, know women formed to accompany you in a good mood to every cultural event of your choice. Our VIP-escort-germany team gives you on any occasion is the perfect accompaniment.

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Look forward to your visit to our beautiful and stylish High Class Escort Germany Models who visit in almost every town in Germany. But our attractive and educated managerial and Event accompaniments, be very pleased to accompany you to all the cultural events of your choice. In our subsequent information service, you will get a small selection of the cities where you can book our enchanting VIP-escort-germany Models:

For more than fifty years VIP-escort-germany is one of the oldest and most prestigious High Class Escortservice Agencies in Germany and worldwide. Our discreet Escortservice today and tomorrow forms the basis of our success.

Your renowned high class Escort in Germany agency.

Escort in Germany, your escort service since 1999th.


On our website we present only attractive, private Top Models from Dusseldorf and many other cities. All High Class Escort Ladies are really looking forward to visit you discreetly and in exceptional, sexy lingerie, your exclusive hotel in Dusseldorf around to you in private, to make imaginative society. About our Manager and Event Monitoring Service you learn sophisticated ladies who accompany you to many cultural events of your choice and make it an unforgettable experience during your stay in Dusseldorf. For see and be seen, with an attractive lady, heard especially on Dusseldorf’s Königsallee become a very popular national sport. Want to know more about our charming High Class Escort Dusseldorf Ladies, then read on

The most beautiful escort ladies of the city, you will find at VIP escort in Germany.

VIP escort in Germany, we love pretty women

In the south of Düsseldorf is the head office of our High Class Agency VIP-escort-germany. From here we give you the prettiest ladies your city. If not the greatest, so is the state capital Dusseldorf, definitely the most beautiful city on the Rhine. You are welcome to accompany our attractive beauties in a select restaurant, setting the mood with a romantic Escort date in Dusseldorf the following erotic hours. Let it again really tingle with a charming lady of your agency of trust. we process your serious inquiry always fast, uncomplicated and always discreet. If you now got the desire, with a pretty Escort ladies, to conquer our the state capital, then we recommend our Escort Dusseldorf Culture Guide

Always up to date, with a charming Escort Dusseldorf model by your side.

Our attractive Dusseldorf models are looking forward to meeting your most discreet wishes.

Discover your personal Dusseldorf model, the most attractive zones of the city, such as the Media Harbour, the Rhine promenade or the exclusive Königsallee. But the Benrath castle or the historic old town, with the longest bar in the world, are always worth a visit. Treat yourself to a sensual date with one of our charming Escort Dusseldorf Models, in their exclusive Hotel. Or visit with a cheerful manager and event monitoring one of many cultural events this city. Your high class agency of trust offers for every occasion the right lady. Want to learn more about the prettiest Escort Dusseldorf Ladies, then read on

Always nice and ready to discover new, our attractive Escort Dusseldorf Ladies.

Your personal experience with brains, can be found at VIP-escort-germany Dusseldorf.

What could be better than to leave the stress of everyday life behind you and spend a long weekend in the Rhine metropolis. Dusseldorf is not only one of the most beautiful cities of our country. Because the city does not only offer exclusive shopping. Also a variety of cultural events, which must be one of our sophisticated and educated Escort Dusseldorf exploring ladies adorn this beautiful city. For our clientele interested in art, such as the Museum Kunst Palast, the Kunsthalle, or art academy are the many art museums in Düsseldorf, certainly a highlight. Our diverse interests and formed Manager and Event Models, you are therefore not only as competent type and shopping consultant. You are welcome to accompany our escorts also the most exciting museums in Düsseldorf. Did we make you curious? Then read on and learn more, in our Escort Dusseldorf Event Guide



Once appointed by the ancient Romans for “Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium”, has become the city of Cologne, long applicable to the most important cities of the country. But many testimonies of ancient Cologne, are still with us to this day and to admire the Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne, that you are welcome to visit with one of our beautiful and educated Escort Ladies. Who conquered without an attractive accompaniment this really interesting metropolis, is your own fault. With a charming lady at your side, a visit to the Cologne Cathedral or the historic old town, in literally twice as nice. Always interesting and nice to look at how our charming Cologne Models, this bustling metropolis offers its many visitors something new and especially Old.

Always worth a sin, the Cologne Ladies VIP-escort-germany.

Discover Cologne at night, with an attractive model of VIP-escort-germany.

Whatever you want to experience in Cologne, the city’s media and entertainment has a lot of exciting things to offer. Far beyond the country’s borders, this metropolis is known for its unique atmosphere and lively nightlife. A visit to the many attractions, such as the impressive Rheinauhafen or unique in the world Chocolate Museum, not to be missed. But the so-called love locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge and of course the most popular shopping streets of Cologne are always a trip worth.

It tingles and fun. The Cologne Ladies VIP-escort-germany.

Let it tingle it again properly, with a pretty cologne lady from the house: VIP-escort-germany.

You are welcome to accompany one of our attractive ladies by the beautiful and historic old town of Cologne and visited with you, the trendiest bars and trendy restaurants. Immerse yourself in the most interesting city on the Rhine, with its ever hip and good-humored people. A call to our agency team met your desire for a pretty and sophisticated accompaniment. Do let tingle it again properly, with an attractive model from the house of VIP-escort-germany Cologne. Want to learn more about the charming Escort Cologne Models, then read on.

Manager- and Event accompaniment in Cologne.

Our Manager- and Event Ladies from Cologne to accompany you to any cultural event of your choice.



Like hardly any other metropolis, then food has the reputation of a city in transition successfully developed in recent years. Instead Coal and Steel Community, as food is now on the triad of gastronomy, culture and the service industry. Today can be fulfilled over short distances much new and unusual Discover Escort wishes in this metropolis. Thus arose in the City, Limbecker place, on more than 700 hectares, one of the largest inner-city shopping centers in Germany, with over 200 stores. Even as a tourist and trade fair city of Essen has now acquired a good name. So are the visitor with many inns and hotels, a total of more than six thousand beds in a variety of price ranges.

Our Escort Essen Ladies visit in your exclusive hotel.

Book your very own dream woman at VIP-escort-germany Essen.

As a melting pot of many nations, the Metropole offers its domestic and foreign visitors a culinary variety from around the world. From the chip shop to Gourmetempel, the city offers everything the gourmet heart desires. But the hospitality of interest does not end with the culinary delights. To see the Rüttenscheid district, with its many small shops, cozy pubs and restaurants, one of the nicest boulevards of the City. Not to be overlooked are also the many pretty ladies of the town, of which accompany some as an Escort Essen Lady sideline and with passion the groomed gentleman in his hotel.

Always sexy and good-humored, the Escort Models from Essen.

Always sexy and neat, so our demanding Essen customers, the Models of VIP-escort- germany.

Always sexy and neat, so knows our demanding clientele the beautiful models from food, both feet are all private and professional life. with beidenMit winking You will notice that our attractive “products” absolutely biologically, always are pretty nicely and naturally. Therefore, all our lovely ladies have the seal of approval from VIP-escort-germany, the agency with the prettiest model. Want to learn more about the sexy Escort Essen Ladies, then read on.

The attractive escort ladies from VIP-escort-germany, visit every metropolis of your choice.

Our charming escort models can be visited in any city of your choice.


Did you know, North Rhine-Westphalia, in short NRW called is the largest state in Germany and has one of the densest road networks in Europe? But also a great variety of landscapes, such as the many natural parks, some of which are contiguous, NRW makes into something very special. In many towns and cities of this province there are castles, cathedrals, historic buildings and other attractions that is worth discovering with a pretty lady. In what city this most populous state you ever happen to be located, our attractive Escort NRW Ladies pleased to visit you in your exclusive hotel or in their private surroundings and are really looking forward to read your every wish from our eyes. Want to learn more about the Escort NRW Ladies, then read on.

Your VIP-escort-germany team is there for you every day.

We take your reputable Escort Booking daily from 11:00 am clock in the morning to 11:00 clock in the evening meet.


The megacity of the Ruhr area, with its many and grown together in a natural way cities, represents the biggest conurbation in Germany. Many of our lovely ladies, come from one of the large or small cities, with a total of over ten million inhabitants. Always nice and with a lot of sex appeal, so know our discerning customers, the High Class Escort Ruhr area Models from our company. Get to know and book one of our attractive ladies who are at your disposal as CityGuide available the many interesting cities of the Ruhr area from its best side. Want to learn more about the pretty Escort Ruhr area Girls, then read on.

Our online booking service is available 24 hours a day.

Use our booking form when it has your Escort Date a little more time.


Bochum is not only the home of Herbert Grönemeyer. Also the Opel Manta and Kadett were born in Bochum and we are until today still remember. With the discovery of the first “black gold”, many people have found a livelihood and home in Bochum. With the closure of the mines, but ended up not only a heyday, she opened the people also have a chance to break new ground in order to reinvent themselves and forward-looking. This opportunity have the Bochum perceived successful with the entry into new business areas, such as the construction of shopping centers and the creation of modern services, such as the High Class Agency VIP-escort-germany Bochum. Want to learn more about the Escort Bochum Ladies, then read on.

Always be honest and competent, so our clientele knows advising VIP-escort-germany.

Our VIP-escort-germany Service Team will always be honest and competent.


The Metropole Dortmund is many people still known as coal, steel and beer played a major role from the time. But Dortmund was subject to adjustments to the time and turned into a modern and future-oriented center for trade and insurance. Quite a few of our attractive Escort Dortmund Ladies working in a commercial center or study in one of the nearby universities and colleges. Get to know the former industrial metropolis of its most attractive and book one of our beautiful and charming High Class Models that you like to visit in your exclusive hotel. Our stylish Manager and Event ladies will accompany you to one of the many cultural events this diverse metropolis. Want to learn more about the Escort Dortmund Models, then read on.



Welcome to the financial and banking center of Frankfurt. The city, which attracts impresses with its skyline and its many skyscrapers and many visitors from near and far in its spell. Visit with one of our charming High Class Escort Frankfurt Ladies, the city this fascinating metropolis, with its many amenities and beautiful shopping malls. But the Main Tower with its impressive platform, some features more than a restaurant and an art exhibition. Admire the skyscrapers that include the way the highest in Europe. But even the nightlife of this vibrant metropolis applies it with a pretty lady at your side to discover. Want to learn more about the attractive Escort Frankfurt Ladies, then read on.


Welcome to beautiful Munich, the capital and largest city of the state of Bavaria. Like no other city, Munich is culture, luxury and Bavarian way of life. Visit with one of our well-built Escort Munich Models the fascinating city of Munich or one of the many very interesting museums. Did you know that there is the largest beer garden in Europe in Munich? But not only the many beer gardens with their delicious snacks are a visit to this beautiful city worth. The magnificent historic castles and the many lakes landscapes not to be missed. Discover the exuberant nightlife of this city, with one of our pretty Bavarian Ladies from our company. Want to learn more about the pretty Escort Munich woman, then read on.


There is the beautiful city of Stuttgart between forest and vineyards. The capital of Baden Württemberg, is not only the home of Porsche and Daimler, but also by many pretty Escort Stuttgart Models from our company. Enjoy a charming companion at your side, the beautiful landscape and the upscale restaurants deals with their regional specialties. Through their preferred climatic situation, Stuttgart is one of the largest wine-growing regions in Germany. Apart from the excellent wines that offer loving lovely ladies of the house of VIP-escort germany Stuttgart, definitely a pretty good reason to visit this fascinating region once. Want to learn more about the Escort Stuttgart Ladies, then read on.



Did you know that Hamburg has the second largest open seaport in Europe? But not only the largest ocean liners are at home here. With more than thirteen thousand companies in the media landscape, this metropolis is considered as one of the largest and most important media locations in Germany. Quite a few of our attractive Escort Hamburg pearls work at one of the large enterprises or studying in one of the many universities in the city. Discover one of our pretty and shapely ladies of the North, the Landungsbrücken, the many musicals, the State Opera House, the harbor, the fish market and not to forget the Reeperbahn at night. Want to learn more about the Escort Hamburg Beads, then read on.


But Only not like, so people know Berlin. With its historic past and its many attractions, including the Brandenburg Gate or the historic Reichstag building, this very special city is its good reputation at all times meet. Berlin is not only the seat of government and capital, but also the geographically largest and greenest city of Germany. With so much charm, the cheeky Escort Berlin Girls may not be missing. Explore this city by night, for Berlin, they say, never sleeps. Reason enough, with one of our beautiful models, the metropolis on the Spree, with its many bars, nightclubs, restaurants as well as to discover the unique cultural offerings. Want to learn more about the cheeky Escort Berlin Girls, then read on.


The most populous city in East Germany is Leipzig. But not only its friendly people make this city an interesting attraction. Leipzig has always been one of the most important trade fair locations in Central Europe and is one of the oldest trade fair cities in the world. Reason enough to book on your next visit, one of our pretty and charming Escort Leipzig Models. Do not only the sights of this beautiful city show, as well as the imaginative models from our company, so has the nightlife of this hip city, there. Sly old ears So they say. Admire the historic sights by day and by night enjoy the sporting ladies who will seduce you with much pleasure. Want to learn more about the sports Escort Leipzig Models, then read on.


Our good-humored VIP team includes several experts, as our IT specialist and our house photographer who operate silently in the background. Even if some customers would rather hear a female voice on the phone. Discretion and trust are the basis of our long-term success. Therefore your personal Escort Germany and request your binding reservation only from the Agency Manager “Tom” will be processed in person.

The manager personally lends his name for the respectability of his agency and the discreet handling of your information. For you, our good customers, we are the trustworthy service provider who you honest advice and operated discretely. For our private model, we are the partner on time, the only serious and mediated hedged Escort Dates.

Of course, we strive honestly to realize your last minute booking. But please bear in mind that we only work with private Escort Models together, pursuing a normal professional or study. The gentleman and woman seducer but knows that a pretty lady always needed a little bit more time to prepare for your very special date …

But you wait and see … only very soon there is a knock at the door of your hotel suite and your good-humored and relaxed dream woman is standing with a charming smile in front of you and looking forward to it very much to pamper you discreetly …


As the three words of our company name, as well as our company philosophy is based on three pillars. The realization that you, as our good customer, can live out your sensual pleasure only unconcerned, if you have the certainty that you book with an agency you trust. The first word of our company name “VIP” (very important person), therefore stands for the importance that we make our good customers received.

“The escort lady that you visit our website, is also always the lady, which will be available later on your doorstep”. For this we vouch with our good name.

This means that you can always be sure to have one hundred percent of all the photos that you see on our website authentic. This “Made in Germany” quality feature seems to us not only meet, but the importance of our good customer to also adequate and fair. Only we are the original and a real “Germany” product. Only where “VIP-escort-germany” on the outside, our beautiful Escort Germany Models are there. In a world in which there are only going to make a fast buck, we give you the security you need in order to decide on a true Escort Germany Lady.

Furthermore, through all the models of our high class agency and our Manager- and Event Escort Service, a personal interview. The agency manager personally ensures through its many years of experience, the appearance, manners, level and language skills, the high quality standard of a High Class Escort Agency Germany and the requirements of our VIP’s justice.

The third pillar of our company philosophy is the totality of our quality standards throughout Germany. As our VIP customer, whose satisfaction is very dear to us, you can rely on at any time, you can book in any metropolis in Germany, an attractive, private High Class Escort Germany Model.

Our History

VIP-escort-germany was founded in April 1999 and since then is one of the leading High Class Agencies in Germany and International. In 2010 we decided to meet the steady demand for sophisticated and educated ladies who accompany you to many cultural events of your choice. Therefore, our Manager- and Event Escortservice category sees itself as an innovative service without eroticism.


Enjoy our “High Class Escort Gallery” and let yourself be enchanted by the sex appeal of our attractive private escorts. Surely find with us your very own dream woman who is very much looking forward looking forward to visit you in your exclusive hotel or in your private atmosphere. Our model profiles will reveal the most important details of all women and our photo gallery gives you again a pleasurable decision support.

Our sophisticated and educated ladies in the “Event Escort Service Gallery“, already very happy to accompany you to many cultural events of your choice. Use our event-filter or click on your city and make your evening special, cultural experience, with one of our attractive event accompaniments.

For which category and which model you ever decide to look forward to a great and exciting evening …


The Office of the agency VIP-escort-germany, located in the beautiful Dusseldorf / North Rhine Westphalia (NRW). From here, we serve every metropolis in Germany. Our High Class Models visit throughout NRW. In Dusseldorf, Cologne, Bonn and Aachen, our VIP’s, the charming company of our attractive ladies delight.

But even in the cities of the Ruhr area, as Essen, Bochum, Dortmund and Munster, we are at home. Upon reservation, a certain lead time we serve, of course, all the other cities in Germany. In Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart, the ladies of our High Class Agency always welcome and gladly booked guests.

But even in Berlin and Hamburg succumb to our VIP customers the charming appearances of our beautiful escort ladies. In Leipzig and Dresden our customers preferred the excellent service our top models for many years. Please understand that booking period and arrival must stand by you, in a reasonable proportion. Their travel expenses will be charged always individual, fair and all-inclusive.


Many good reasons for VIP-escort-germany. Not without reason that we are one of the most prestigious High Class Escort Agencies in Germany and successfully for many years in the mediation handsome and stylish safer models.

  • We advise you always honest and based on our corporate philosophy.
  • Our website is visually and technically always up to date. So finding your personal dream woman does not only fun, but also becomes an optical pleasure.
  • We have no mobile version, because our home is your screen size automatically adjusts.
  • We teach exclusively attractive, private and above all healthy women with style and class.
  • We have no alternate phone support. With us your data is always safe and above all discreet, because here you served the agency manager personally.

Whether it’s a pretty our High Class Escort Models will or a lady from the Manager- and Event Escortservice category, a beautiful and eventful Date it will definitely … and who knows, maybe you will be one or the other lady for a long time inspired by your Rendevous …

All High Class Escort and Manager- and Event accompaniments, be very pleased to groomed gentleman to make at its next holiday or business trip, charming company.

Your VIP-escort-germany team looks forward to you